Uploading a new map to an Audi S3

About Us

How did we start ECU remapping?

The concept and implementation of Rapid Remapping came in 2015. After learning from the best teachers in their field and qualifying with mapping techniques came an idea.

“Why can’t all people have there car ECU tailored to suit them?”

​After looking around and seeing who and what else is out there, I realised that no one is reaching my standards. That means they sure aren’t hitting your deserving standards either.

Having spent a few years building concours d’elegance cars, I am now carrying out bespoke alterations to super cars, designing and installing bespoke ECU installations and wiring and tuning them to maximise efficiency for people who need and deserve to have the best car money can buy.

I am proud to be the only an IMI qualified Remapping Basingstoke specialist. This ensures that I distance ourselves from the many “clone” and “cheap” file providers out there. This also shows that I have the knowledge and continuously strive to provide a quality service with the only company to provide BSI ISO Standard. My ECU remapping comes with an insurance backed warranty for complete peace of mind. I provide a bespoke ECU remapping service available at your doorstep, work place or at my workshop. This is all part of the 5-star service.

We can provide ECU tuning services for all ECU types – Agricultural Tuning Marine ECU tuning  HGV Tuning 

Rapid Remapping cover the counties of Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire and thus cater to clients from town and cities such as Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Andover, Basingstoke, Guildford, Reading, Wentworth, Ascot and Sunningdale.

​I’m sure you have questions. Feel free to get in touch on 07940462224 or use the form on the Contact Us page, or check out our Facebook page with over 4500 likes – Give us a like and share while you are there.

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