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Speed Limiter Removal

Many vehicles have a speed limiter applied from factory or by a third party at a later date. The limiter control unit is often applied as a gentleman’s agreement amongst car manufactures or by customer choice. Most German manufactures vehicles have a factory set speed limiter of 155MPH / 250KMH. Some Japanese vehicles have speed limiters set at 112MPH/180KMH.

Our speed limiter removal service

Also a lot of main fleet hire companies have installed speed limiters to their fleets. For ecomony reasons and with unsuspecting private owners buying these vans (Have a look at our Van tuning page for information on the tuning we can provide you . They are finding out rather quickly about the limiters usually set to a top speed of 58-70mph. We can remove these via diagnostics or by ECU tuning.

By changing the ECU data we are able to remove the speed limiter from most vehicles. Speed limiter removal is our speciality by visiting us, we can promise a solution. Please contact us with your vehicle details and location for further information.

We carry out speed limiter removal via a range of different methods:

  1. 1. Diagnostic Machine
  2. 2. ECU Remap
  3. 3. Both of these options as they can be set in different Control Units
  4. 4. Some have a tele metrics box and this causes the speed limitation – We safely remove these FREE OF CHARGE. Have a look at our Van ECU remapping page

We also offer a speed limiter removal or changing the limit service and fleet discount available. Please contact us with your requirements for further information. Also check out more van remapping and speed limiter removal on our Facebook Page