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Designed and Developed by Alientech in Italy. This is the “bread and butter” tuning tools, everybody in the industry has this one. Great coverage, very reliable. This was the first tool we bought and has been very reliable. Used for tuning down the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port with some simple BDM options. We have other tuning tools in tool box. As well as continuing investment in modern and niche tuning tools as well. 

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This is the sister tool of KESS. This is refered to “Bench” tuning due to having to remove the ECU from the vehcile and do it on the “Bench”. KTAG is a very versatile tuning tool and can access the ECU map data via a different ways:

1: Background DeBug Mode – Usually Bosch EDC16. Older model ECU Types – Siemens SID ECU, Motorola EMS in trucks and cars.

2: JTAG – Used of Denso ECU types found in a variety of cars: Nissan, Toyota, some Vauxhall /Opel cars.

3: Boot Mode: This is the more common one. Where we have to “simulate” the ECU being on the car using a varitey of wires 12v, Negative, CAN High and CAN Low. The using a “BOOT” wire we can gain access to the Map data. This is due to Tuning Protection on the later Infineon TriCore processor.

Its also used when we can’t tune down the OBD Port due to a varitey of reasons like: Tuning Protection. When “No Read” tags have been placed in an already tuned file. Or when some one has tried and failed in tuning usually with “Clone”OBD tools.

Most of the time it is due to tuning protection. Which is the case with most Bosch EDC17, MED17 Continental SID versions of their ECU and this is “Boot” Mode.


More advanced tuning tools over the 2 previous tuning tools we have spoken about. This one can do a lot more then the other 2 tools. We bought this tool be ahead of the competition. As this developer is quicker at releasing new protocols for more modern vehicles. It is some cases quicker at reading and writing some ECU types It has some great features inc: – full read and unlock for VAG group EDC17 ECU types (the other tool you would need to remove the ECU to do this – VAG Emission roll back for the flawed software in the emissions scandal – Removal of TPROT protection for OBD Tuning on some ECU types – Able to hide the tuning on BMW ECU’s inc: Flash Counter and CVN It also can carry out “Boot Mode” tuning as well. This is also the tool we use for carrying out BMW F Series OBD Tuning.


We use DimSport NewGenius as a tuning tool for trucks it has the widest range of protocols for Trucks. Very reliable and quick for reading and writing trucks. We only use this tool Truck tuning as there is a bigger access to original files to base tuning off. This uses a handheld device to read from down the OBD port, the sends it to my laptop to then sort out tuning.

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